Hymn 104 |

Hymn 104

From The Christian Science Hymnal, 1932 edition

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Help us, O Lord, to bear the cross,
The cross our Master bore;
To brave the senses’ angry shock,
Our faith secure upon the rock
Of Christ, forevermore.

Grant us, O Love, the strength to drink
Thy cup on earth below,
The inspiration that it brings,
The hope serene that from it springs
To lighten every woe.

Give us, O Truth, Thou light of men,
Thy benediction rare,
That courage may sustain our way
Out of the darkness into day,
Thy day, celestial, fair.

Thus shall our Spirit, Mind divine,
Lead us to heaven’s bowers:
The cross laid down; the victory won
O’er sense and self; revealed the Son;
The crown forever ours.

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