Hymn 297 |

Hymn 297

From The Christian Science Hymnal, 1932 edition

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Science, the angel with the flaming sword,
God’s gift, the glory of the risen Lord;
Light of the world, in whose light we shall see
Father and perfect Son, blest unity;

Calm of Shekinah where hope anchors fast,
Harbor of refuge till the storm be past;
Sweet, secret place where God and men do meet,
Horeb whereon we walk with unshod feet;

Place of communion with the Lamb of God,
Fold where the sheep must pass beneath His rod;
Ark where the dove may close her faltering wings,
Love’s law divine that makes us priests and kings;

Loosener of prison bands at midnight hour,
Of self-forged chains that fall through Love’s all-power;
Christ’s morning meal by joyous Galilee:
Science, thou dost fulfill all prophecy.

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